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Dyson Repairs London

dyson repairs London

Dyson Repairs London & Dyson Servicing London 

The Dyson company was established in the UK in 1991 by an Englishman who was determined to build a better vacuum cleaner. James Dyson certainly succeeded and today the Dyson brand name is synonymous with superior vacuums. The company also produces technologically advanced hairdryers, heaters, air purifiers and fans.
No matter how good a product is eventually the wear and tear of daily use, or accidental damage, can cause it to develop faults and problems. When your Dyson vacuum cleaner or other appliances need fixing anywhere across London or the surrounding counties, Capital Repairs is on call to rush to the rescue seven days a week.

We maintain a team of qualified engineers who are trained to carry out Dyson repairs across a wide service area in and around London and have extensive experience with the Dyson brand.

Dyson Vacuum Models

Capital Repairs will expertly fix any model of Dyson vacuum cleaner, old or new, restoring suction to optimal levels. Dyson vacuums models are designated by a number code prefixed by DC, and we’re familiar with them all.

We repair all types of Dyson upright cyclonic vacuum cleaners, including those with the nifty Dyson trademarked Ball technology which allows them to pivot and manoeuvre easily and smoothly into awkward corners and gliding under and around furniture.

We’re also equipped and adept at keeping the popular and versatile Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaners up and running efficiently so you can keep deep cleaning your home, even in the hard to reach places. If your Dyson Cyclone V10 or Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning or its performance drops off, give Capital Repairs a call.

If you rely on a Dyson Cinetic Big Ball cylinder vacuum cleaner that stops working our mobile Dyson repair squad will get it going again for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new one.

Call Capital Repairs on 0208 4293727 or 0800 056 3738 today to find out more about our Dyson repair costs.

Dyson Vacuum Common Problems

Over the many years we’ve been in business repairing appliances in London and the Home Counties our experts have competently fixed thousands of Dyson vacuum cleaners and left them working as good as new.

Most of the problems we deal with are loss of suction in either the base, brushes or the handle and hose, usually caused by a blockage or needing a new filter. Other common issues with Dyson vacuums are a lack of electrical power or intermittent power, a whistling noise indicating an air leak, or the machine is giving off a strong burning smell (which could be a motor failure).

Our Dyson Repair Engineers are fully equipped with all the tools and spare parts they need to diagnose and fix any of these problems with your Dyson vacuum and more. We can also fix other Dyson appliances such as hairdryers, heaters and fans.

If you want to repair your Dyson yourself Capital Repairs stocks a huge selection of Dyson spare parts, and are happy to help you obtain the one you need. Contact our Spares Division for a full list of Dyson vacuum cleaner spare parts.

New Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

In some cases your Dyson vacuum may be too damaged to repair, but Capital Repairs can assist you with a great price on a new or replacement Dyson.

We stock new appliances by all the big brands, including Dyson, and offer a delivery and installation service in London, Middlesex and the Home Counties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Repairs

  • Is it worth fixing a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?
    It certainly is because a new Dyson doesn’t come cheap! To replace an old Dyson will cost around £600 for a top of the range model, and it will be difficult to find a different brand of vacuum with comparable reliability and performance. Affordable Dyson repairs and parts replacement by a reputable company like Capital Repairs is a far more economical option.
  • Do Dyson Vaccuum Cleaners have a lifetime warranty?
    No, a new machine is covered by a warranty for five years after the date of purchase. It is warranted against original defects in material and workmanship when used for private household purposes in accordance with the Dyson Owner’s Manual. Read all the terms and conditions and find out what’s covered. 
  • Can my Dyson always be fixed?
    Dyson vacuums are complex but robustly built, and with expert attention when they go wrong they are almost infinitely repairable. We can’t guarantee we will always be able to repair your Dyson, but it’s a sure bet that with our knowledge, experience and availability of spare parts that we can keep it going to a ripe old age.
  • Where can I get my Dyson vacuum repaired?
    Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is a valuable appliance both intrinsically and as an essential household cleaning tool, so don’t trust it to rogue repairers. Find a local, well established Dyson repair centre, check their reputation and customer reviews, and speak to them about pricing. Before agreeing to have them repair your Dyson ensure they are competent and trained in Dyson technology. If you live in London or the surrounding counties you’ll find Capital Repairs fill all the criteria and are proven Dyson repair experts.
  • Why does my Dyson cordless vacuum not hold a charge?
    Your vacuum no doubt needs a replacement battery. Speak to Capital Repairs – we can supply and fit a new battery.
  • Why did my Dyson just stop working?
    When your Dyson vacuum cuts out the usual cause is that the motor is overheating. You can check this by leaving it to cool down for awhile and then try switching it on again. If it runs for a time then stops again it indicates that the machine is labouring and probably has a blockage or dirty filter. A Capital Repairs engineer can diagnose and fix the problem.
  • How do I know if my Dyson V6 battery needs replacing?
    There are two sure signs that indicate when its time to replace your Dyson V6 Absolute battery: you’ll notice the vacuum has a progressively decreased run time (when not in MAX power mode), and the vacuum will display more than 12 flashing lights.

Capital Repairs offer a full Dyson repair service across London. We can repair a wide range of Dyson appliances including:

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Repairs London:

DC01, DC03, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC15, DC18, DC24, DC25, DC27, DC33

Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Repairs London:

DC16, DC30, DC31, DC34, DC43 Handheld, DC56

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Repairs London:

DC35, DC44, DC45

Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Repairs London:

DC02, DC05, DC08, DC08T, DC11, DC20, DC21, DC22, DC23 Motorhead, DC26, DC26 City, DC38

Dyson Washing Machine Repairs London:

CR01 and CR02

Dyson Fan Repairs London:

AM01, AM02, AM03, AM08

Dyson Fan Heater Repairs London:

AM04, AM05

Dyson Light Repairs London:


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