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AEG Washing Machine Error Codes


AEG is a top-rated brand of washing machine, but even the best machines wear out or develop faults occasionally. When a problem develops with your AEG washing machine it is likely the first indication will be the display of an error code, often accompanied by beeping noises or flashing lights on the dashboard.

AEG washing machine error codes aren’t a precise indication of what is wrong with the appliance but can certainly be a useful indicator of which part or system of the machine is experiencing a problem.

We’re sharing the AEG error codes with you so that you will know roughly what is wrong with your machine before you call us to fix it. It’s useful if you can tell our repair technicians which error code you have spotted on your AEG washing machine when we come to repair it.

Note: in this list different codes appear linked to the same problem. This is because codes differ on some models and older AEG machines.

  • C9 & F9  – Means laundry load has become unbalanced during the spin cycle.
  • C1, E10 & E11  – Indicates there is a problem with the water intake or the drain.
  • C3 & E30  – There is a water leak, or laundry might be stuck in the door.
  • E40 & E41  – This indicates there is a problem with the door lock, the door is not closing properly or the drum is overfull with laundry.
  • E60 (or any code beginning with E6)  – This generally refers to a heating problem with the machine.
  • E80 (or emits 8 flashes)  – This code shows there may be a problem with the recirculation pump or user interface on your washing machine.
  • E90, E91, E92, E93 or E94   – Any of these codes indicate a fault with the circuit board of the washing machine.
  • EA0  – This error message indicates a DPS (Drum Position Sensor) fault.
  • Eb0 – The power supply is probably too low voltage.
  • EF0, EFo, EF3  –This could have several causes. There may be excessive foaming from too much detergent; the dispenser drawer may be very dirty causing an overflow; laundry might be caught in the door seal, causing the door to leak; or the drain filter may be clogged.
  • EHO or EH0 –  Indicates a problem with the power supply.
  • EH1 – Frequency of power supply is not within the set parameters (incorrect mains frequency).
  • EH2  –  Supply voltage too high.
  • EH3  – Supply voltage too low.
  • E20, E21 & C2 – Indicates pumping problems. Washing machine does not drain, the drum does not turn, and the appliance makes an unusual noise because of the blockage of the drain pump.

Some of these issues you’ll be able to resolve yourself, and some will never occur at all if you maintain your AEG washing machine well but keeping filters, drains and hoses clear and install the machine as suggested in the instruction manual.

It’s not recommended that you take on any mechanical or electronic repairs to your washing machine yourself if you’re not an expert, because you could make things worse or put yourself in danger. Capital Repairs is just a phone call away and our repair rates are extremely reasonable.  Call 0208 429 3727.

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