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Basic Aga Care

The expert Aga engineers at Capital Repairs advise that the secret to keeping your Aga in tip top condition is to not allow it to become dirty – mop up the spills as you go and your cooker will stay sparkling and efficient for many years.

An Aga is made of cast iron and if it is well cared for it will last a lifetime. Maintaining your Aga is pretty easy and basically comes down to routine servicing, regular cleaning and keeping the flue clear.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to care for your awesome Aga:


Capital Repairs offer professional Aga servicing and repairs across London, Middlesex and the Home Counties at reasonable rates.

Aga cookers need regular servicing at recommended intervals to keep working efficiently. The intervals between servicing depend on the fuel your Aga runs on.

Oil-fired Agas should be serviced at least every six months; an annual service is recommended for gas fired Agas as well as the old model 30 amp night storage electric Agas; and just once every five years is recommended for 13 amp electric Agas.

If you are in doubt about how often your particular Aga should be serviced, contact Capital Repairs for advice.


Aga ovens are virtually self-cleaning. What happens is that any spills or residue left inside the oven will carbonise, and it’s possible to brush away the carbon dust when the oven is cool. You can use a very stiff brush to scrub the cast iron inside of the oven. To make this easier you can remove the doors when cleaning, but never put the doors in water or use water to clean inside the oven.

When it comes to cleaning the enamelled parts of your Aga take care not to use anything that might scratch the surface. Use a soapy pad and a damp cloth. Try to clean spills and splashed off of the enamel as soon as they happen to avoid them becoming baked in.

The chrome domes, lids and handles also need careful treatment with a damp soapy cloth, dried off and polished with a clean, soft cloth.

The rings around the hotplates can be removed, but take care not to muddle them up and replace them the right way round.

Remember all cleaning should take place when the Aga cooker is cool.

The Flue

Not all modern Agas have a flue (chimney). It’s generally only those that burn solid fuel. A build-up of soot in the flue can affect the efficiency of your Aga cooker.

Because Agas are such adept burners there is not usually a big build up of soot in the flue, but it’s wise to have a chimney sweep check from time to time between routine services.

Most Agas will have a ventilation pipe from the oven to the outside.

When Capital Repairs services an Aga with a flue we generally check to ensure it is in good working order, likewise with the ventilation pipe.

Take good care of your Aga and it will take good care of you, warming your heart and your home. If you have any issues with your Aga contact Capital Repairs and we’ll respond with advice or a quick call-out to assess the situation.

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