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BEKO Washing Machine Error Codes


Beko washing machines that have a digital display give users a message in the form of an error code when something goes wrong with them. These error codes (in the form of a letter and a number) are useful because they indicate not necessarily WHAT is wrong, but where the fault in the machine lies and which function is being impaired.

The Capital Repairs washing machine technicians know all the Beko fault codes and what they mean, and use this knowledge to diagnose washing machine problems when you call us in to fix your ailing washing machine.

It’s helpful when are customers are able to tell us on a call out what error code the faulty machine is displaying, so our engineers can be prepared with the correct spare parts and components that may be needed when we come to attend to your machine.

Here’s a list of the more common error codes you may experience on your Beko washing machine:


This is an error code triggered by the NTC sensor, warning of a problem with the thermistor wiring in  your Beko washing machine. This is the device that monitors the water temperature in the machine, instrumental in moving the wash cycle along, and it is usually found alongside the heating element. An engineer needs to check the thermistor reading and test the connection to establish where the fault lies.


This code indicates a problem with the heating system in the machine. You will probably have noticed that the water in the machine is not heating up. This will probably be a wiring issue, and should be investigated by a professional repairer.


The opposite of E2, this error code is also related to the heating system in the Beko washing machine, but instead of no heating in this case there is continuous heating taking place. Fixing it requires expert knowledge and skill and involves an examination of the control board relay for the heater.


You’ll see this error code when your washing machine fails to take in any water, and there could be a number of causes and potential faults causing the problem. A professional repairer will identify the fault and be able to solve the issue.


When this code pops up in your Beko washing machine display it means the machine has a problem with water drainage. This could be something simple like a blocked filter or kinked outlet pipe, or something more complicated involving the main module or pump itself. If you’ve cleared the filter and the problem persists, you need to call in the professionals.


If your Beko washing machine starts jumping about and shaking during the wash cycle, or stopping with the programme unfinished, you’ll probably see the E6 error code displayed. This indicated a motor problem, and can only be dealt with by a qualified Beko washing machine repair technician like those we have on standby at Capital Repairs.


This code shows when there is a level sensor problem with your Beko washing machine. You’ll know there’s something wrong because the machine will either empty every time you try to start it, or it may not start at all. There could be many potential causes, including damage to the sensor itself, which requires diagnostics and repairs to be carried out by an expert.


This code indicates that your machine will fail to take in water, and the reason could be down to a variety of issues from water valve problems and faulty wiring to the pump system or triac control panel circuits.

E9 & E10

These Beko washing machine fault codes both relate to the door on the machine. E9 means there is a fault with the lock, which requires expert checking, especially of the electric connections. E10 tells you the door is jammed. Either of these codes means you need to call in a Beko repair expert.


“Motor error detected” is the message conveyed when your Beko washing machine shows this fault code on its digital display. This could be a complex issue and should be handled by a qualified Beko washing machine technician.

E17 & E18

These final two Beko washing machine error codes are designed for washing machine users rather than professional repairers. E17 alerts  you to the fact that excessive foam has been detected, because you’ve overdosed your machine with detergent. This might take several rinse cycles to clear, and when you start a wash again reduce the detergent dose to avoid overfoaming. E18 shows when the laundry load in the machine is unbalanced, and the machine will fail to spin until you sort and/or reduce the load and try again.

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