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Bosch Dishwasher E19 Error Code

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Bosch Dishwasher E19 Error Code

Bosch appliances are highly prized in the UK by consumers who are willing to pay a little more for top quality precision German engineering.

That goes too for Bosch brand dishwashers which are manufactured by the major European BSH group, who also produce upmarket appliance brands like Neff, Siemens and Gaggenau.

Even the best dishwashers on the market, however, don’t escape the effects of wear and tear, damage and the occasional fault, and when Bosch dishwashers  break down professional repairs are called for.

Bosch dishwashers are all fitted with a handy self-diagnosis system. When the machine registers a fault it is equipped with the ability to display an error code on the digital display, which helps to indicate what the problem is being caused by.

Here at Capital Repairs we encourage our customers to pass on to our engineers any error codes that may be displaying on their broken or faulty appliances when we are called out to fix them.

Our repair engineers are familiar with the meaning of the error codes on all models of Bosch dishwashers, so knowing what code the machine is displaying helps us to anticipate where the fault lies.

 It’s important to note that error codes on appliances don’t specify exactly what is wrong with the machine, but they are an indication of the type of problem being experienced, enabling our experts to do a more detailed diagnosis.

Common Bosch Dishwasher Error Code

One of the most common error codes we are called on to investigate on Bosch dishwashers is the E19 error code.

When this code appears on the appliance’s LED display it means there is a problem with the dishwasher’s heat exchanger. The heat-exchange unit is Bosch patented technology, installed on the left hand side of the tub. It is a unique heat recycling reservoir designed to maximise the dishwasher’s performance by utilising the heat generated in the main wash to pre-heat cold water used for the rinse cycles. This has two advantages: it saves energy, and minimises the risk of thermal shock, which might happen when cold water strikes warm delicate items inside the washer, causing cracks or breakages.

If something goes wrong with the heat exchanger you’ll need expert help to fix it.

Bosch itself states on its website: “We recommend that you do not try to resolve this issue on your own at home due to health and safety reasons, and that you book an engineer visit to have a professional rectify the problem.”

It’s easy to follow this sound advice if you live in London or the Home Counties where Capital Repairs operates.

We have expert Bosch repair teams on standby to respond to your call if your dishwasher displays the E19 error code.

We’ll fix your Bosch dishwasher in no time, and have it up and running efficiently again, after resetting so that the error code no longer displays.

Whenever your Bosch dishwasher in London – or any other make or model of appliance in your household – displays an error code, contact Capital Repairs on 0208 226 5377 and we’ll make sure the lights go out and the machine keeps working.

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