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Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

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Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes


In the realm of washing machines, Bosch is regarded as a name to be reckoned with, synonymous with high quality and reliable long-term performance but even the best Bosch washing machine is not immune to developing faults.

When your Bosch washing machine is ailing it will tell you so by displaying an error code.  The codes consist of a letter (E or F) and a two-digit number. These important signals are crucial in the diagnosis of any problems with your Bosch washing machine, and can sometimes alert you to small issues like the fact that you have not latched the door properly.

If you experience an error code that seems to be serious, however, coupled with the obvious malfunctioning of your washing machine, give Capital Repairs a call and tell us the code when you arrange for us to visit you, so we’ll know what we’re dealing with when we send a crew of qualified technicians to fix your machine.

Note: On some older Bosch washing machine models with no LED display faults are indicated by flashing lights on the front panel.

Some of the most common Bosch washing machine error codes to be aware of include the following:

E16 / F16

This indicates there is a problem with opening or closing the door lock. It may just not have been closed correctly, the child lock may be activated, the machine may be overloaded or laundry may be caught in it, but if none of these seem to be the problem then there is probably a fault with the lock. You’ll need to call in a trained and qualified technician, and if you’re in the London area the best bet for Bosch washing machine repairs is Capital Repairs.

E17 / F17

If you see this error code on your Bosch washing machine you will also note that it is not filling with water even though you’ve started it. Check that the taps are turned on, and that there is no kink in the inlet hose. If everything appears fine but it still won’t fill, there could be a problem with the inlet valve, or low water pressure. Call Capital Repairs for advice.

E18 / F18

When you see this error code and your washing machine is not draining properly, or at all, it is an indicator of issues with the drain pump. Check the filter for blockages and if all is clear and the fault persists you’ll need expert help.

E19 / F19 & E20 / F20

Both these error codes on your Bosch washing machine relate to heating system faults, and will require thorough investigation by professionals to diagnose the problem, which could involve the heating circuits, heating element or thermostat.

E21 / F21

In a nutshell this error code means your Bosch washing machine is experiencing problems with its motor and it stops running. There are a number of reasons why the motor has broken, and the situation requires expert troubleshooting and testing, before our Capital Repairs repair crew can get it up and running again.

E23 / F23

This Bosch error code is literally a flood warning! It informs you that the Aquastop system on your machine has triggered, and it happens when water enters the appliance’s base tray as the result of a leak. It’s wise to straight away disconnect the machine from the mains and turn off the water tap because there is the danger of electrocution. Call Capital Repairs and we’ll find the leak, which will probably be a case of replacing worn out hoses or connectors.

E25 / F25

When you see this code it means that your washing machine’s turbidity sensor is faulty, and this is something that can only be fixed by a specialist Bosch repair technician, like those at Capital Repairs. The turbidity sensor monitors how much soap is in the water and keeps the machine rinsing until the water is clear.

E26 / F26

This error code indicates a faulty analogue pressure sensor in your machine, which identifies how much water is in the machine. Any fault with this sensor stops the machine working efficiently and will need to be attended to.

There are numerous other error codes for various models and ranges of Bosch washing machines, and we’ve illustrated only a few of the most common here on this page.

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If you experience any error codes or flashing lights on your Bosch washing machine, no matter its age or model, contact Capital Repairs straight away. Our qualified technicians can interpret all the codes.


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