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Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

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Candy Washing Machine Error Codes


Candy washing machines are extremely popular because they are priced for the cheaper end of the market.

Candy appliances are made in Italy, and are almost identical to Hoover washing machines, which are made by the same company. The Candy brand offers a wide range of freestanding and integrated washing machines, including a “Smart Touch” range with wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you have a Candy washing machine it is useful to know that when it develops a problem it will let you know by means of an error or fault code.

Candy washing machine error codes don’t necessarily pinpoint the exact fault or malfunction, but they do point you in the right direction so that a professional washing machine repairer like Capital Repairs – or a clued-up DIYer – will be able to diagnose and fix the problem, and replace any faulty parts.

Here are the Candy (and Hoover) washing machine and washer-dryer error codes, which you can use as a guide for troubleshooting:


Likely a problem with the door lock – either the lock itself or the wiring and connection to the PCB.


The machine will be failing to take in water. This could be because of a blocked or obstructed fill hose, a problem with the water supply or faulty valves.


The machine does not drain, generally because of a stuck or broken pump.


Too much water enters the drum, exceeding the maximum permitted. This is usually caused by a defective fill valve.


The water in the machine fails to heat up. This error code indicates there is a problem with the water temperature sensor.


This code will be displayed straight after a spin, indicating that the machine is out of balance. It can also indicate that the control board is faulty.


Depending on the model this code could mean there is a problem with the door lock, or that the motor is jammed, preventing the machine from spinning.


The motor speed sensor is malfunctioning – it could mean the motor is spinning too fast, or that it is not spinning at all.


If you see this error displayed it means there is a fault with the motor triac on the circuit board of your washing machine. The motor triac controls the speed of the machine’s motor.


On an older Candy washing machine this error could signify a motorised selector problem. On new models it will show there is a drum sensor issue.

Additional Candy Error Codes for Washer Dryers


There is an issue with an open circuit on the dryer heater, otherwise it could be a sensor or module problem.


This suggests a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) communication error, or an open circuit on the dryer heater.

E13 / E14 /E18

There is a problem with the PCB.


The programming of the PCB has failed, or the memory chip may be corrupted.


There is probably a heater insulation problem, which could cause your fuse box to trip. Requires the replacement of the heater.


There’s a problem with the motor tachometer signal, which could stop the motor from turning.


An E18 error code means that there’s an issue with the PCB.

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