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Hoover Washing Machine Repairs in London


We fix all Hoover washing machines in London – the big, the small, the energy and water efficient, integrated or free-standing machines – promptly and professionally.

The Hoover brand name is, of course, iconic here in the UK (although it was originally American) mainly because of its legendary vacuum cleaners which we just loved. Now we also love Hoover washing machines, which are today a brand marketed under the umbrella of Italian appliance company, Candy.

Regardless of “who-owns-who” in the world of domestic appliance brands (and it is complicated), suffice it to say that Hoover remains a favourite of the UK, which is borne out by the fact that we at Capital Repairs receive a very large number of call-outs to attend to Hoover washing machines in London, both old and new.

Fortunately, our talented repair technicians are fully qualified to work on Hoover washing machines – appliances they are extremely familiar with. Even repairs to the very latest Hoover washing machine models like the Dynamic Next/Extreme, Axi, and Link with their smart electronic features are easily managed by our experienced engineers. Hoovers are particularly impressive because of their intelligent models like the DMP413AIW3 that automatically weighs your washing and adjusts the water volume, wash time and energy consumption to suit the load.

When you call us in to deal with a faulty Hoover washing machine our team arrives with a fully equipped van full of all the spare parts, tools and testing equipment required to diagnose and repair any problems. There’s no delay or return visits required to get the job finished, so you’ll be back on track with your laundry schedule in no time.

There are numerous things that can go wrong with a Hoover washing machine, most of them simple fixes for our repair engineers to accomplish like resetting or reprogramming, fixing the thermostat, replacing damaged hoses and valves, or removing and replacing parts like door switches, the pump, circuit board or motor.

Top of the range Hoover washing machines with all the “bells and whistles” are expensive to purchase, so it is almost always the case that it is cheaper to have a fault repaired rather than to “junk” the ailing machine and buy a new one. When our repair crew diagnoses the problem with your faulty Hoover washer, we’ll explain to you exactly what is wrong and give you a fixed fee quotation for the repairs. In the unlikely event that your machine is beyond repair, or we deem it uneconomical to repair it, we’ll tell you about that too.

We pride ourselves in being trustworthy and very fairly priced for Hoover washing machine repairs in London – in fact we have a vast store of testimonials from satisfied customers to prove that we are – so you can have every confidence in our honest assessments.

When your Hoover home helper lets you down, don’t despair and become swamped in dirty laundry – call Capital Repairs straight away on 0208 429 3727 or 0800 056 3738 to book an appointment for a repair at your convenience.

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