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Sky-High Gas and Electricity Bills? Find Out Why Faulty Whitegoods Could Be the Culprit

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Sky-High Gas and Electricity Bills? Find Out Why Faulty Whitegoods Could Be the Culprit

Noticed your gas and electricity bills are getting higher and higher? Faulty appliances may be the culprit.


Shocked by the cost of your latest electric bill? These days energy bills are constantly on the rise but if last month’s bill was unusually high, faulty appliances could be to blame. Read on to see some potential causes for your sky-high bills and how to fix them.

How faulty whitegoods cause higher bills

It’s well known that home appliances can be huge energy-drainers, particularly older machines which are less eco-friendly compared to their new-age counterparts. Research has shown that running a washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge freezer and electric cooker in your home will cost upwards of £153 per year! That’s a big sum of money to be paying every year, and running faulty appliances will only increase that cost.

Likely causes of high bills

Standby drainers According to Energy Saving Trust, on average, UK households spend £30 a year powering appliances left in standby mode. Switching off the plug only takes a few seconds and it can help save a useful amount of money in the long-run.

Faulty wiring Loose or frayed electrical wiring can be very dangerous and cost you a fortune. This is because faulty wiring can sometimes connect to other conductive objects, generating excessive amounts of heat which can not only make your bill sky-rocket, but also has the potential to cause fires in your household.

Broken sensors Modern washing machines often feature a sensor which takes readings on how fast the drum is spinning. A broken sensor will cause your appliance to spin quickly and then stop, in a continuous cycle. This adds to the time it takes to complete a wash and will use substantially more energy.

Clogged lint & exhaust lines When a tumble dryer’s exhaust line gets clogged, the drying cycle can double or even triple in time. All that extra time spent trying to dry your clothes adds up to an increased bill for your bank account to handle.

Faulty thermostats A broken thermostat in your fridge or freezer can cause the appliance to start cooling your food and drink to a lower temperature than needed. An issue like this is capable of draining energy at an alarming rate, adding an extra surprise to that monthly bill.

Broken seals Is there splitting, cracking or small gaps in your fridge or freezer’s seal? This can be an expensive problem. Cold air is passing out of your fridge, causing the appliance to use substantially more energy just to keep your food at the correct temperature.

How to get your bills back to normal

Now you have a good idea about why your whitegoods could be causing that hair-raising bill, but how do you fix the problem?

Keeping your appliances in good working order can do a great deal to help prevent any future problems. For more information about keeping your whitegoods runnning efficently, check out our 11 essential appliance maintenance tips.

If you think your appliance needs expert attention, here’s an easy way to double check your suspicion:

  • Switch off everything in your home that uses electricity from the mains
  • Make sure your electric meter has stopped increasing
  • Slowly turn on one appliance at a time
  • If your electric meter increases rapidly when a particular appliance is switched back on, it’s time to call an appliance repair specialist

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