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Washing Machine Child Safety Lock Instructions 2021

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Washing Machine Child Safety Lock Instructions 2021

Washing Machine Child Locks

Most Hotpoint washing machines and washer dryers have a child lock button with an indicator light on the front control panel. It’s simply a case of pushing the button to light the indicator in order to switch on the child lock, and pushing it again to de-activate it. On a Hotpoint Ultima you’ll find the child lock button under the LED display (second from right) – press and hold to turn it on, and again to turn off. While the child lock is engaged the machine is effectively disabled.

You will know if the child lock is activated on your Bosch washing machine because there will be a key symbol or the letters CL visible on the display, and none of the washing machine buttons will work. To deactivate the lock press and hold the start button for several seconds, until you hear a beep and the key symbol disappears. If you have a Bosch with an advanced touch screen display there will be an illuminated square button with a key symbol visible to show the child lock is on. To turn it off hold the button down for three seconds until a beep indicates it has been deactivated.

A padlock icon is displayed on an AEG washing machine to show that the child lock function has been activated, and the machine won’t function. To deactivate it push the Stains/Prewash and the Extra Rinse buttons simultaneously until the padlock item disappears from the LED display. Repeat the action to re-activate the child lock. Note: on some models the combination of buttons required to be pushed for turning the lock on and off may differ – consult your user guide.

Most Hoover washing machine models clearly indicate on their display which button/s to press for activating or deactivating the child-lock. The child lock is shown on the display as a bright key icon. The Hoover HNL 9136 washer, for example, allows you to set the machine going on a wash programme, then you can press the child lock button to lock the control panel against any tampering. To unlock it press the child lock button briefly until the light above the button flashes, then press the spin speed button to deactivate the lock.

On most recent Electrolux washing machine models a child lock icon in the form of a padlock is displayed on the control panel, along with the buttons required to activate and de-activate this function. In some models you need to press two buttons together (eg. Stains/PreWash and Extra Rinse) and in others only one to set or disable the lock. If in any doubt consult your user manual. With the child lock engaged the machine will not respond or perform any action.

When the child lock is enabled on a Samsung washing machine all the buttons on the control panel will be locked, except for the power button, and an icon showing a baby emoji or a padlock will appear on the display. Methods of switching the child lock on and off vary between Samsung washing machine models, so you will need to refer to your instruction manual. The most common method for machines without a navigation dial is to press and hold the spin and temperature buttons for 3 seconds until the child lock icon is displayed or removed. If your Samsung machine has a dial then close the washing machine door, tap “additional functions” button, turn the dial to select “Child Lock” and tap the select button to turn the child lock icon on or off.

To keep your Zanussi washing machine from being opened or the programme interfered with while it is running, you need to activate the child lock function. On the control panel there should be a padlock icon, indicating which buttons need to be pressed to activate the lock. In the basic Lindo model these would be the Temperature and Spin buttons, which you need to depress together for several seconds until you see the padlock icon appear on the digital display. To unlock, simply do the same again until the padlock indicator icon disappears.

Activating the child lock on your LG washer is as easy as pressing a button. Many LG models have the child lock button clearly visible on the control panel, and all you need do, after turning on the power button and selecting your cycle options, is press and hold it for up to five seconds to turn it on or off. You’ll know the lock is on because the code CL will flash on the LED display. On some models the button is marked “PreWash/Child Lock” or “Rinse & Spin”. Older LG washing machines that do not have a child lock button need you to press and hold the TEMP and OPTIONS buttons at the same time. To turn it off once the wash is finished you’ll need to clear the CL code by pressing and holding the button again, until the CL code stops showing. If in doubt, refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Candy washing machines come in a variety of models with different methods of setting and unsetting the child safety locks. Instructions for the Candy Bianca, for instance, are to simultaneously press the “SET” and “ZOOM” buttons for about three seconds to activate and cancel the lock. For reliable information about how to childproof your Candy washing machine consult the user manual.

Whirlpool Washing Machines have a Control Lock feature, which, when enabled, prevents the washer from responding to any buttons pressed. This safety feature can be turned on or off once a wash cycle has begun. Simply find the control lock button on the machine’s front panel and press and hold it for three seconds. When the lock is on the control lock status light will be lit, and when it goes out then it is unlocked.

To activate the child lock on the Miele W 4800 washer press the start button then press the options button until the fault indicator for Child Lock lights up. To deactivate simple press the options button again until the indicator light goes out. On the Miele W 4842 model the child lock is activated by pressing and holding the “Heavy Soil” button on the Options menu until you see a padlock icon in the display (and vice versa for deactivation). For other Miele washing machine models consult the instruction manual.

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