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Which Aga Do I Have?

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Which Aga Do I Have?


The Aga cooker was invented about a century ago in 1922 by the Nobel Prize–winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén – the founder of “The Aga Saga”. The principle on which it works is that an oven made of cast iron absorbs heat from a low intensity, constantly burning source, which can be used for cooking and heating.

If you have an old Aga it is unlikely it dates back to the 1920s, but there are still some around in the UK that have been going strong for about 50 years!

So, if you are lucky enough to have an Aga in your kitchen, how do you know what model it is for the purposes of having an Aga expert repair and maintain it?

Spare parts can be a problem when it comes to repairing older Agas, but the Capital Repairs Aga team can usually fix any issue. It helps, when you call us out to repair your Aga across London, Middlesex or the Home Counties, if you can tell us which Aga range cooker model you have.

If you’re not sure, a telephone consultation will probably point our professional Aga engineers in the right direction.

For convenience sake we’ve put together some pointers to help you identify which Aga you have:

Agas manufactured between 1956 and 1974

This vintage of Aga cookers usually burn oil, gas or solid fuel. Previous to the 1950s the Aga was produced only in one colour – cream. In 1956 new Aga de luxe models were made in pale blue, pale green, grey and white. In 1957 the new models had chrome-plated lid domes.

The best way to identify this era of Agas is to check whether it has a low shelf across the back of the hob, and a towel rail resting on the brackets.

Your old Aga will probably also have a hob in one piece spanning the full width of the cooker. There will be 3 doors of the same size on the 2-oven version and 5 doors on the 4-oven model.

A good identifying mark is the badge, which will have the AGA written in italic script, usually on a red background.

Not sure whether your Aga is pre-1974 – give Capital Repairs a call!

Agas after 1974

The standard Deluxe Aga range cooker produced after 1974 will still have a small upstand across the rear top edge at the back of the hob, and later versions might have a louvered box section behind the hob too.

These Agas run on oil, gas or solid fuel and come in two or four oven versions. Badges have become optional bolt ons.

The colour range has increased to include shades like pewter, claret, pink, racing green and a range of blues. Lid tops are always chrome.

Electric Agas were introduced in 1985. Electric Agas had all the traditional features, but no flue was required because the ovens vented through a small pipe to the outside.

Electric Agas

There are currently two types of Electric Agas – Heat Storage Agas and the 13 Amp Aga, which works like an electric kettle.

The heat storage Agas have a single heat source which acts like a burner with independent control of the ovens and hotplate. The 13 amp Aga has an electric element that continually tops up the heat when needed throughout the day, much in the way the oil or gas Aga cooker works.

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