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Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes

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Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes


Whirlpool Washing Machines occupy the higher end of the market with this American-made brand, which is known for its innovation and quality. The latest Whirlpool washing machine ranges incorporate “Zen Technology”, which means they are designed to run extremely quietly with minimal vibrations.

Like all washing machines, though, Whirlpools don’t wash and spin forever without needing some replacement parts and suffering the odd fault.

Fortunately, Capital Repairs is on hand to get your laundry back on track if you experience problems with your Whirlpool Washing Machine. You will be able to get an idea of what the trouble is by watching out for the error code which will be displayed on your Whirlpool washer if something goes wrong. It’s helpful if you can tell the repair technician which code you have seen on your machine, to help narrow down possible causes for the issue.

Error codes (also known as fault codes) on washing machines are only a guide. They don’t tell you exactly what part needs replacing or what component has failed, but they do help in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems so that we can fix your Whirlpool Washing Machine quickly and easily.

Here is a list of error codes you will see digitally displayed on Whirlpool front-load washing machines if they develop a malfunction or fault:


This is shown when the machine won’t operate and/or some or all functions can’t be selected. It indicates an electronic circuit board fault which requires a professional engineer to fix.


This is probably caused by a motor circuit fault, which means there will be intermittent or no drum rotation during the wash cycle.


You’ll see this error code when the Whirlpool washing machine fails to heat on wash or dry settings. The problem is no doubt a temperature sensor fault.


A particularly perplexing problem, you’ll see this fault code when machine fails to drain out the water, which means the door probably will not open. This could be caused by a blockage in the waste water hose or pump filter. Worst case scenario is that the machine’s pump has failed and will need to be replaced.


A drive motor tachometer error. This will cause the machine to shut down, and could be caused by a loose connection or might need the replacement of the control board.


When the machine stops mid-cycle and does not progress, with the machine failing to heat and the pump running continuously, you probably have an electronic circuit board fault, or a malfunction or broken connection in the heating circuit.


This code indicates a heater fault, which will cause the wash programme to stop mid-cycle.


When you see this fault code you’ll be unable to select any programme and get the machine running. There will most likely be a software fault to blame.


Means a pump circuit fault, which will leave the machine unable to pump out water from the drum.


If you see this when your machine refuses to turn on you’ll need to have a professional diagnose which electronic fault is responsible for the failure.


This code applies to Whirlpool washer-dryers, and indicates a dryer temperature sensing fault.


This fault code can appear on either washing machines or washer-dryers when the water doesn’t heat during a wash cycle, or a drying cycle. There is a malfunction of the heater control unit.

Whatever code you notice on your Whirlpool washer, it is best not to ignore it even if it goes away after unplugging and restarting your machine. Fault codes are signs of trouble brewing, and scheduling a check and service of your washing machine could save a whole lot of time, expense and trouble later on if the problem escalates.

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