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Fridge Freezer Repairs London

Is your fridge freezer not working correctly? There’s nothing more frustrating than a faulty appliance, which is why we’ll fix it quickly, easily and to a high standard.

Ever wondered how you’d store food safely without your fridge-freezer? There’s a simple answer – you wouldn’t be able to! No frozen ready-meals, no convenient frozen veg, the milk turning after just a few hours, the leftovers becoming putrid overnight – and warm beer.

A fridge-freezer is an appliance we just can’t contemplate being without, so when it develops a problem it’s not surprising you might lose your cool.

Capital Repairs, however, urges you to keep calm and call us – we’re on standby 24/7 to respond to calls for fridge freezer repairs, so you don’t have to experience a melt-down and lose a fridge full of food while you wait for assistance.

We cover all of London, Middlesex and the Home Counties – see all our locations in detail.

In fact, our expert refrigeration engineers recommend that you keep an eye – and an ear – on the performance of your fridge freezer all the time so you will have advance warning that something is amiss. Calling us in at the first sign of trouble can save a bigger, more expensive repair down the line, so it is best not to ignore the early warning signs.

Symptoms of a sick fridge freezer

A key indicator that all is not well with your freezer is if it makes strange noises – if the usual quiet hum changes to a fierce buzz, for example, or if it suddenly begins to emit gurgling, swishing or whirring sounds. If you hear unusual sounds from the freezer and any warning lights that your make and model may be fitted with are also showing, then it’s time to call in a professional repairer to make a diagnosis.

Another sign of trouble is when there is a large ice build-up in the freezer, or on the back wall of the fridge – even on the door hinges. Or perhaps you find your fridge is sitting in a puddle, and it is not clear where the leak is coming from.

An obvious problem is when the fridge freezer just won’t chill and maintain the desired temperature, even when you set it to the coldest available temperature.

All these things are relatively easy to investigate and repair, replacing worn out parts if necessary, but if you don’t call in the experts these symptoms are probably a precursor to a total fridge freezer breakdown which will leave you facing the expense of buying a replacement appliance.

In most cases Capital Repairs can fix your fridge freezer for far less than it would cost to replace it, giving it a new lease on life no matter what the fault.

If it is beyond repair, however, we can supply you with a very competitively priced new fridge freezer from our Euronics store, and if you want to try a DIY fridge freezer repair we stock spare parts available for mail order.

Keep Capital Repairs number to hand, so you can get in touch straight away if your fridge freezer requires repairs – call 0800 056 3738.




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We serve London, Middlesex & the Home Counties, including areas such as Brentwood, Hatfield, and High Wycombe.

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