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Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in London

Powered electrical household appliances started to make their appearance on the UK market from the late 19th century, bringing a relief from drudgery for housewives and servants. The vacuum cleaner was surely one of the most welcome appliance inventions when it was unveiled in around 1905.

Today living without a vacuum cleaner is unthinkable! How else can we rid our carpets of dust, fur, crumbs, allergens and all the other detritus of daily living? None of us are likely to have the time or inclination to go back to sweeping (rather ineffectually) with a pan and brush, on our hands and knees.

London & Home Counties Vacuum Cleaner Repair Experts

So, what do you do when your vacuum cleaner stops sucking up the muck? Call Capital Repairs of course. We’re the acknowledged appliance repair experts serving London and the surrounding area. We fix all the top brand vacuum cleaners in London and the Home Counties, from Welwyn Garden City in the north, to Haslemere in the south, Newbury in the West to Basildon and Chelmsford in the East.

When your vacuum cleaner plays up, don’t get frustrated – get on the phone to us on 0800 056 3738 and we’ll send one of our engineers to your door as quickly as possible, ready willing and able to get your machine back to work in a hurry.

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Hoover, Dyson & Henry Repairs in London Area

Our repair technicians are trained and equipped to fix all the major popular iconic vacuum cleaner brands:

We repair all vacuum cleaner models and types, including cylinder vacuums, stick vacuums, cordless vacuums and upright vacuums.

New Vacuum Cleaners and Spare Parts

We’re a family run business that has been operating in London for more than 35 years’, carrying out cost-effective repairs on all sorts of home appliances for thousands of customers. We’re on call 24/7 across London, Middlesex and the Home Counties.

It’s a fact that having your faulty vacuum cleaner fixed is generally far less expensive than having to pay out for a new one, but if you do need to replace an old vacuum cleaner with a new one, we can supply one at a good price from our Euronics Sales Centre.

We also supply a wide range of vacuum cleaner spare parts, delivered anywhere in the UK by mail order, if you want to carry out your own repairs. Just call us on 0800 056 3738 to tell us what you need.

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Need to clean your house but the vacuum cleaner is on the blink?

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Roller & Carbon Brushes


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)



Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems

The most frequent complaint we get about vacuum cleaners is that they have diminished suction power. This is usually caused by a blocked, damaged or broken filter or vacuum hose, or it could be down to numerous other faulty parts which our technician will be able to identify and replace if necessary.

Other common problems with vacuum cleaners which we fix are:

  • Vacuum won’t turn on
  • Vacuum emits a burning smell
  • Vacuum starts but then shuts off
  • Vacuum brush roll is stuck
  • Vacuum is unusually noisy & vibrates

If you experience any of these issues with your vacuum cleaner, never fear. We’ll be able to repair them to ensure you many more years of trouble-free vacuuming with your machine.

Keep our number handy and never have to worry about your vacuum cleaner breaking down. Our vacuum cleaner repair crews cover the capital and our call centre is open 24 hours, ready to rush to your rescue. Call us on 0208 429 3727 or 0800 056 3738.

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