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Samsung Washing Machine Repair

There’s no need to panic if your Samsung washing machine needs repairs in London or the surrounding counties. Capital Repairs keep a fleet of well-equipped vans and highly experienced, qualified Samsung washing machine repair engineers on standby to rush to your rescue across our wide service area.

Look at any list of “best brands” when it comes to washing machines and you’ll doubtless find Samsung washing machines near the top of the list – if not AT the top.

This is probably something to do with Samsung washing machines’ reputation for reliability, and a lot to do with the fact that their range of washing machines is (as they say themselves) “awash with technology to totally transform wash days”.

Hi Tech innovations on modern Samsung washing machines – like QuickDrive™, ecobubble™, and AddWash™ – are all aimed at making the machines quieter, faster, more efficient, smarter and extremely environmentally friendly. Top rated as they are, no machine is infallible and more components and technological features mean there is more that can potentially go wrong with your Samsung washing machine, leaving you with your dirty laundry piled high and dry.

If your Samsung washing machine in London develops any of these symptoms (or simply stops working altogether) contact us straight away for assistance

  • Water isn’t draining out
  • The machine is all prepped correctly (with the door closed, water on and plugged in) but simply won’t start the cycle
  • Water fails to heat up, or heats up continually
  • Water leaking out from under the machine
  • The door won’t open
  • The machine fails to take in detergent and/or fabric conditioner from the dispenser
  • The machine vibrates violently, jumps about and is noisy while spinning
  • Error/Fault Codes are displayed (take note of these and convey them to our repair crew to assist in their diagnosis)

This list by no means covers all the difficulties you may experience with your Samsung washing machine, but they are the most common ones our repair technicians are called to deal with.

Capital Repairs has been fixing broken washing machines in London for more than 30 years, during which time we have built up a reputation for reliability (just like Samsung washing machines), first class skilled workmanship, and prompt and polite service – 750,000+ satisfied customers so far!

Our repair teams work seven days a week, so you can book an appointment to have your Samsung washing machine attended to by our experts at your convenience.

Top of the range washing machines like Samsungs are pricey to buy. The 10kg capacity QuickDrive models, for example, retail at around £1,200 and even the most modestly-priced Samsung washing machines sell for around £350. It’s therefore patently obvious that if your Samsung washing machine develops a fault, it is far cheaper to have it repaired quickly and conveniently by a fair-priced repair company like Capital Repairs than to simply dump it in favour of a new machine.

Contact Capital Repairs on 01491 693379 right now for affordable, reliable washing machine repairs in London and the surrounding counties.


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